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About Us

Our History

In 2007, two energetic entrepreneurs, Ryan Boykin and Jason Shepherd, met in a shared office space in Denver. They discovered that they not only had many friends in common, but they also shared a common interest: they both saw a need to offer housing to families who could not otherwise afford the American dream of owning a home in expensive real estate markets like Denver. With the economic downturn looming, Ryan and Jason knew they needed to act fast to add value by offering solutions to this problem.

Bound by their mutual commitment to doing well by doing good, they forged a business around filling this need and fix n’ flipped over 250 homes in their first year in doing so. It would not have been possible without their lead broker, Matt Vos, hustling to transact on all the homes. (Working hard came easy to Matt…he grew up on a farm in Washington). Together, they improved distressed properties, made them habitable again, brought beauty and value back to spotty neighborhoods, and helped a myriad of everyday families realize their dreams of owning a home.

Although wildly successful, Ryan, Jason, and Matt knew that fix n’ flip was an opportunistic cycle in the market rather than a long term business model. With signs of the economic crash looming in 2008 and the prospect of real estate prices plummeting, they switched the focus of Atlas from fix n’ flip to long-term hold investments and brokerage. From 2008 to today, Atlas has bought and sold over 4,000 properties on behalf of individuals, institutional investors, and Atlas’ own portfolio, totaling over $750 million worth of transactions.

With a growing real estate portfolio, Atlas’ need for property management grew too. After a few months of outsourcing to property managers that have never owned real estate themselves they decided to handle in-house. Word quickly spread throughout Denver and the surrounding areas about Atlas Real Estate Group’s expertise in managing properties, primarily because they treat every property as if it were their own, and today Atlas manages over 1,100 residential and commercial properties.

Atlas offers a unique owner-focused approach to all personal relationships and business transactions: investing, property management, brokerage, and leasing with the right to purchase. As Ryan, Jason, and Matt say, “our expertise comes from having our teeth kicked in at every corner. We made every mistake in the book and learned everything the hard way, but our calculated, risk-taking spirit kept us afloat. Today, Atlas evaluates every deal and transaction as if we were the owners.”

Real advice from real owners. That’s what you can expect from Atlas Real Estate Group.

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