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Mark Lubchenco

Mark Lubchenco

Associate Broker


Atlas Envelope Icon     mark.lubchenco@realatlas.com

Atlas Office Phone Icon     303.242.8980

Atlas Team Mobile Phone Icon    303.431.4530

Why did you choose to work with Atlas Real Estate Group?

Young, investor-orientated attitude with a willingness to try different approaches.

What part of town do you live in and why?

Wash Park

Where did you grow up?


What types of things to do you do when not assisting Atlas?

AA, skiing, water skiing, kiteboarding and windsurfing.

Favorite place to eat in Colorado?

Blue Bonnet by default since the Rivera closed down.

What are three things you want to accomplish in the next three years?

Grow investment business

Help the mosaic of Atlas

Watch others grow around me