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Matthew Mutter

Matthew Mutter

Transaction Manager


Atlas Envelope Icon     matthewmutter@realatlas.com

Atlas Office Phone Icon   720-429-2022

Why did you choose to work with Atlas Real Estate Group?

Atlas Real Estate Group is unlike any other company I have ever worked for. The positive energy here is contagious. I love the fast pace and challenging environment. Every day that I come in for work, I am inspired by the partners and the rest of the team to become the best version of me.

What part of town do you live in and why?

I currently live in North Thornton. Working in downtown Denver and spending most of my free time up in the mountains, I love coming home to the quiet, open spaces of Thornton.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a little farm town on the west coast of Florida (Land of the swamps and beaches). I will trade beaches for mountains any day, however, Florida will always be “home” for me.

What types of things do you do when not assisting Atlas?

Depending on the season, you can find me hiking snow-capped mountains, downhill mountain biking, skiing or fly-fishing with the guys – anything outdoors really.

Favorite place to eat in Colorado?

Some of the best memories I have in Colorado, so far, are eating at Pizzeria da Lupo in Boulder with my brother and sister-in-law. There is nothing as comforting as a warm, cheesy slice of pizza with good company when the snow starts to fall.

What are 3 things you want to accomplish in the next 3 years?

I have high hopes for what the next 3 years will bring. I want to acquire another rental property to add to my portfolio, hike every 14er in Colorado, and continue to grow within the Atlas team to help maintain our name as the fastest growing residential brokerage and investment group in Colorado!