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2017 Landlord and Tenant Trends

Over 9,100 new residential units are being built downtown with the majority being rental units. As a result of the new builds throughout the Denver Metro area, we are seeing a significant shift in rental rates.

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Top Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is a special time of year; the changing season bringing cooler weather and an array of beautiful colors. As the days get shorter and the temperature changes, it's important to get your property ready for the new season. Included below are our top Fall home...

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Saving for Your Kid’s College? There’s an Alternative

July 5, 2017 Ryan Boykin How real estate is an effective option for funding your child's college education, your retirement and more. The Reality of Student Loan Debt The summer before freshman year of college, most students are filled with excitement as they prepare...

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Sending my Kids to College Using Others’ Money

June 20, 2017 By Mike Hills Atlas Associate Broker, Mike Hills explains how he is using real estate investment to finance his children's future, and how you can too. It was the summer before I started my freshman year of college. I had been accepted to the University...

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