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Top Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Updated October 5, 2018
Atlas Property Management Team

Fall is a special time of year; the changing season bringing cooler weather and an array of beautiful colors. As the days get shorter and the temperature changes, it’s important to get your property ready for the new season.

Included below are our top Fall home maintenance tips.

  • Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Test your detectors every month.
  • Change your furnace filters. Having an efficient furnace will help lower your energy costs. It is necessary to do this at least one time every two months. Ideally attempt to change the filter every month for optimal performance.
  • Set your thermostat. Keep your heaters set to a minimum of 50° F at all times. If you plan to leave for an extended period of time over the holidays, check your settings and remember to never turn your thermostat to the off position. Note: At Atlas managed properties, kerosene heaters are not permitted on the property, as per the lease.
  • Inspect your water heater. Look for signs of rust or leaks and contact us immediately if you see any of these warning signs.
  • Clean the gutters and downspouts. Remove fall leaves and debris from the gutters and downspouts to assure water can properly flow off of your roof and away from the homes foundation.
  • Disconnect the waterline on your evaporative cooler. If your home is equipped with an evaporative cooler (swamp cooler) the waterline to the unit will need to be disconnected. Note: Atlas residents please contact your property manager to do this for you. You are responsible for any damages caused by frozen water lines so please be sure to address this if it has not already been scheduled with you.
  • Disconnect and store gardening hoses. It is important that all hoses around your property are disconnected from their spigots to prevent freezing.
  • Winterize your sprinkler system. Immediate damage can occur to exposed pipes and sprinkler equipment with the first freeze of winter. Further damage can occur with extended freezing temperatures, so winterization is a must. Note: Atlas residents please notify your property manager immediately and they will schedule the winterization.

Additional Money Saving Tips:

  • Use the natural light from sunny skies to the benefit of your home. Keeping blinds open during the day can help heat the house and lower your energy costs.
  • Dark colors absorb more heat than lighter colors. Consider changing to darker colored bed sheets and fabrics around the house.
  • Consider running the dishwasher or cooking during the colder times of the day to let the ambient heat help warm up the house. (However, never use the stove/oven solely to heat the house)
  • Dress for the weather! Wearing thicker socks and additional layers as well as snuggling in a nice blanket will let you keep the heater on a lower setting while staying comfortable.

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Denver Metro Market Update: September 2018

September 21, 2018
Sara Russell

While it is still a seller’s market, buyers have much more to smile about these days with an increase in inventory and slow down in rate of price growth. In the Denver Metro market (including Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, Gilpin, Jefferson and Park counties), we also saw:

  • 3,646 total single-family homes sold; down 7.46 percent from last month
  • Average sold price in the single-family home market was $525,346 (down 0.38 percent from last month)
  • Median sold price in the single-family home market was $445,000 (down 1.11 percent from last month)
  • Average sold price in the condo market was $345,791 (down 0.38 percent from last month)
  • Median sold price in the condo market was $299,000 (up 0.89 percent from last month)
  • 8,228 active listings at the close of June, up 7.65 percent from the previous month

To see additional statistics, you can see the full report courtesy of the Denver Metro Association of Realtors.

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Ryan Boykin Comments on Lehman Collapse Featured in Denver Post

September 17, 2018
Sara Russell

Read full Denver Post article

The Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 and subsequent financial crisis has left a permanent mark on the Colorado economy. Atlas co-founder and partner, Ryan Boykin discusses the aftermath and the impact on the Denver metro real estate market:

“Fundamentally, when Lehman collapsed and the downturn began in 2008, the U.S. was forced to hit a reset button,” said Ryan Boykin, a co-founder of the Atlas Real Estate Group in Denver.

Boykin started his real estate investment firm in June 2008, just a few months before Lehman went down. Bear Stearns had failed that March and the housing market was already turning to mush. People thought he had lost his mind.

“I had a lot of wise people tell me I was crazy for doing this,” Boykin recalled. “It was impossible to get credit or bank loans.”

Investors, stung by the sharp drop in stock values, began hoarding their capital and looking for lower risk alternatives. Residential real estate, which was selling below replacement cost in many places, seemed to offer an opportunity.

Mortgage credit went from being abundant and easy to obtain to scarce and hard to secure. People who stretched too far to obtain overpriced homes lost them, depressing property values. Some who avoided risky mortgage products, but lost their jobs, saw their assets depleted and eventually tossed in the towel. More people were forced to rent.

But Boykin also said he was confident of Denver’s long-term prospects. The market was down, but he didn’t expect it to stay down.

Normally, the answer to a shortage of housing is to build more homes, across all price points. But the housing crash damaged the ability to do so. For five years, there was little new home construction in Colorado, Boykin notes.

Read full Denver Post article

This article was also featured in the Daily Camera and Reporter-Herald

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Nick Hodapp Provides Insights on Colorado Real Estate Market in FitSmallBusiness

September 14, 2018
Sara Russell

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The booming Colorado real estate market remains a hot topic. While issues like supply and demand exist, investment possibilities are still plentiful with the right guidance. Atlas’ Nick Hodapp provided insights on current market trends in FitSmallBusiness.

The Colorado real estate market, particularly in Denver, has seen a notable growth in the value of sold properties over the course of the last 6 months. Throughout the last 6 months, the active median sales price of homes in Denver has gradually decreased, beginning the year in January at $595,000 and reaching $535,000 in June. However, the median sold price for these homes has seen an increase, $415,000 in January and $439,900 in June. This trend is congruent with the increasing number of both active and sold listings. The number of homes sold directly correlates with the median price of the sold homes and shows that with an increase in the number of active listings, there is an equivalent increase in the number of sold listings. In Denver and Colorado as a whole, we have seen strong net migration over the last 5+ years. Additionally, we have seen limited increases in housing supply. As a result, housing prices have sprung up and this will continue to be the case barring a national economic softening.

Read the full article

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Atlas Real Estate Group Honored With Top Company Award by ColoradoBiz


Binh Nguyen
866-225-0920 ext. 106

DENVERSept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Atlas Real Estate Group, a full-service realty group specializing in real estate investments, brokerage and property management, has been named the Top Company in the real estate category for 2018 awards by ColoradoBiz Magazine.

Read the full article feature here:

This recognition is the latest from ColoradoBiz Magazine, as Atlas Real Estate Group was named Best of Colorado Property Management for the second consecutive year by the publication in March of 2018.

The Top Company awards are determined by notable achievements, challenges surmounted, financial performance and community engagement. Along with Atlas, ColoradoBiz Magazine interviewed top real estate firms from across Colorado in contention for this award.

Founded in 2013 by Jason Shepherd and Ryan Boykin, a 2017 Denver Business Journal 40 Under 40 honoree, Atlas Real Estate Group manages more than 2,400 residential and commercial properties across Denver and its surrounding areas.

“Atlas’ unique company culture and team dynamic has played a significant part in our success. It is present in all aspects of our company; our values, our products, our identity and our personality,” said Boykin. “The stellar team we’ve built and the culture we’ve created have enabled us to help our clients and communities through a myriad of services.”

The Atlas Real Estate Group team is dedicated to working with families and individuals in Colorado to utilize real estate as a platform for passive income and long-term wealth building. Since its founding in 2013, Atlas has bought and sold more than 4,000 properties.

“At Atlas, we’re dedicated to providing second-to-none real estate investment, brokerage and property management services and committed to creating a more vibrant, connected and equitable community,” said Shepherd.

For media inquiries please contact Binh Nguyen at 866-225-0920 ext. 106 or

See the PR Newswire release here

Top outlet pickups include:


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Atlas Named 2018 Top Company Real Estate by ColoradoBiz Magazine

August 30, 2018
Sara Russell

Read the full article  | See the complete September/October Edition

Atlas Real Estate Group is honored to be named Top Company 2018: Real Estate by ColoradoBiz Magazine. The Top Company awards are determined by notable achievements, challenges surmounted, financial performance, and community engagement.

What the Awards Mean to Atlas

Receiving such prestigious recognition only emphasizes Atlas’ goal to cultivate community by providing safe and quality homes while introducing rental real estate as the foundation for long-term savings. The Atlas team’s unwavering commitment to creating a more vibrant, connected and equitable community manifests in its contributions to numerous nonprofits, boards and institutions as well in how it approaches the wellbeing of all Atlas constituents.

One of Atlas’ business goals is to double its number of employees over the next 5 years, thereby giving more qualified people in our communities the opportunity to work in a culture that is empowering, stimulating, passionate and uniquely Atlas. We take our responsibility to contribute to Colorado’s economy seriously and creating job opportunities for qualified candidates is one way of fulfilling that responsibility while addressing an economic need.

Atlas is taking the opportunity to address two serious problems that our state and country face. The first is the need for an adequate supply of safe and quality homes, a service we currently provide to our tenant-residents; in fact, this is a cornerstone of our business. Today we serve approximately 2,300 families residing in our homes in Denver and Colorado Springs, yet in the next 5 years, we intend to provide over 5,000 homes of good value for families in Colorado and potentially in other states.

The second major problem we plan to address is the dearth of long-term savings for retirement amongst Americans. Studies show that most Americans worry that their savings will fall short in retirement, a reasonable concern given that the average household spends more than $40,000 per year in retirement, the average person collects less than $17,000 in Social Security (Bureau of Labor Statistics), and Baby Boomers have approximately $100,000 for retirement. That’s a recipe for financial disaster that we can address through rental real estate—one of the best tools known to provide passive income for long-term financial security. To that end, Atlas is on a crusade to apply our deep knowledge and experience to help people buy investment real estate to the tune of dozens of properties/month over the next 5 years.

By harnessing the dedication and motivation of our team and maximizing our capacity for growth, we plan to fulfill our future goals and positively impact Colorado’s future at the same time.

About the Top Company Awards

For the past 31 years, ColoradoBiz Magazine has been recognizing the leaders of business in 14 industries through the Top Company Awards. Participants submit nominations, detailing their notable achievements, challenges surmounted, financial performance (to be shared only among judges), and community engagement.

As in years past, Deloitte — one of four presenting sponsors along with Moye White, Versatility and Colorado State Bank and Trust — then narrowed the nominees to three finalists in each category. From there, a judging panel made up of ColoradoBiz editorial staffers and business leaders dissected, discussed and sometimes argued the merits of each finalist, selecting the winners based on three aforementioned criteria: outstanding achievement, financial performance and community involvement.

Read the full article  | See the complete September/October Edition

In a video for the selection of ColoradoBiz Magazine’s 2018 Top Company Awards, Atlas Co-Founder Ryan Boykin discusses what moments have shaped Atlas Real Estate Group’s history.

Video courtesy of: Versatility Creative Group

Short compilation of photos and footage taken by Atlas team members who attended the ColoradoBiz Magazine Top Company awards gala August 29, 2018. While the quality is not great, the sentiment is pure gratitude. The Atlas team is honored to be named the Top Company, Real Estate.

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Mike Hills Discusses Helping People Achieve their Financial Goals through Property Management

August 28, 2018
Sara Russell

View the original podcast

Atlas broker and property manager, Mike Hills, was recently featured on Entrepreneur Podcast Network discussing how financial goals can be achieved through investment in real estate. Hills spoke with host Eric Dye and answered questions including:

  • What are some methods people have traditionally used to retire?
  • How can real estate be used for retirement and, in many cases, outperform the traditional methods.
  • What are the biggest mistakes investors make?  How can I avoid them?
  • Am I too old to get started?  What if I don’t have a lot of money, can I still get started?

“It’s planning the end first, which is what people typically don’t do in real estate. They sort of think that hey I’m going to buy a house because it’s a good idea, but they don’t plan the endgame. What we say is plan that endgame first, if it’s retirement, if it’s college, if it’s just income. Plan that endgame first, and work backwards to your goals. And, if you give a little effort to it, it works very very well.”

About Entrepreneur Podcast Network

If you are an entrepreneur, you will be pleased to know that EPN, the Entrepreneur Podcast Network is here to help you succeed & prosper in business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the advice, inspiration & information all in one location with the option to take it where ever you go when ever you want it? Whether you are a seasoned business professional or new to entrepreneurship, you will find EPN as a convenient asset & source in assisting you with building your business.

The EPN media platform contains several elements, combining the best of internet as well as mobile distribution. Their on-demand streaming channel currently reaches 104 countries worldwide each month with interviews by some of the most renowned success stories in business today. It is the E Podcast Network – streaming on demand 24.7!

View the original podcast

Listen to the Podcast

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Denver Metro Market Update: August 2018

August 22, 2018
Sara Russell

A slight cooling of the market has occurred with average and median home prices declining in June and inventory at a three-year high. In the Denver Metro market (including Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, Gilpin, Jefferson and Park counties), we also saw:

  • 3,651 total single-family homes sold; down 16.22 percent from last month
  • Average sold price in the single-family home market was $529,124 (down 1.48 percent from last month)
  • Median sold price in the single-family home market was $450,000 (down 0.336 percent from last month)
  • Average sold price in the condo market was $350,437 (down 2.85 percent from last month)
  • Median sold price in the condo market was $300,000 (down 1.64 percent from last month)
  • 7,643 active listings at the close of June, up 2.78 percent from the previous month

To see additional statistics, you can see the full report courtesy of the Denver Metro Association of Realtors.

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Ryan Boykin Talks 3D Printing and Industrial Real Estate in CREJ

August 20, 2018
Sara Russell

Read the full article

Atlas co-founder and partner, Ryan Boykin discusses the next chapter for 3D printing, industrial real estate. In August’s edition of the Colorado Real Estate Journal, Boykin writes:

“Currently, real estate 3D printing is only utilized in a light test model, primarily for residential real estate. Pioneers like Branch Technology and Apis Cor are early adopters, employing 3D printing to build small concrete homes. But this technology is not limited to residential or small-scale projects. A case study in the United Arab Emirates is applying these advancements to commercial spaces, coining them the “Office of the Future.” The 3D printed test models are aesthetically unusual, as the concrete structures are plain and look untraditional compared to classic housing design. For this reason, real estate uses are limited in the short term until either consumer sentiment approves or 3D printing evolves from utilitarian usage to design-oriented construction.”

Read the full article

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Ed Reynolds Advises on How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent in Reader’s Digest

August 10, 2018
Sara Russell

Read the full article

Finding the right real estate agent is critical whether you’re a home buyer or seller and Atlas broker, Eddie Reynolds has important advice on how to find the right fit.

A little creativity is required from a real estate agent. “Whether you’re a buyer or seller, there’s a huge advantage to thinking outside of the box,” says Reynolds. “Understanding when to reduce a purchase price or waive contingencies as a buyer is crucial to getting your offer accepted.”

Reynolds goes on to advise, “if you’re looking to purchase a $2 million dollar house, don’t work with an agent that primarily sells $200,000 condos. The agent needs to be experienced at buying and selling homes in your price range.” Reynolds explains that one way to do that is to tell the agent, “I am looking for a $500,000 home, how many houses in that price point did you buy or sell this year?”

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