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    Real Estate Brokerage & Residential Realtors in Denver

Real Estate Brokerage & Residential Realtors in Denver

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I’m having trouble finding a rental property, where should I be looking?

Is now the time to transition from being a renter to being a buyer?

I can’t afford to buy in the neighborhood I want to live in, what are my options?

What can I do if I want to purchase but I can’t qualify right now?

How can I use real estate to build long term wealth?

How can I buy a rental property but not have to deal with the management?

Is now the right time to sell?

If I’m selling, do I buy and move or sell first?

What is renting with the right to purchase?

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Atlas Real Estate Group was built by principals who have personally owned and managed over 1,000 residential and commercial properties in Denver and the surrounding region. Our commercial and residential realtors have the belief that in order to serve and understand a client’s needs effectively, you first need to understand their perspective as an owner of real estate. In most brokerages, there’s an absence of alignment in a typical client-realtor relationship. Most realtors work to close the transaction and earn a fee; we work to make sure you accomplish both your financial and personal goals.

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