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Ryan Boykin addressed expectations for the real estate market in 2019 in the latest updates from Fit Small Business. Specifically Boykin identified the strongest investment opportunity as the 20-year market:

There are endless factors that contribute to home price appreciation and investment that are determined by local economics and the supply and demand dynamic of a locale. If you’re thinking of investing, make sure to choose a 20-year market. This is almost a level of certainty that real estate you buy in a market will be worth more 20 years from now than what it is worth today. Also, acquire a property that has sufficient cash flow to provide a strong return on investment in both good times and recessionary times. This is what ensures that you don’t lose the asset in recessions. Finally, try to find specific investments that have a nice story around them. This could be a value-add that you can do to the asset or perhaps there is big investment coming into a corridor from the city or a major corporation developing a new headquarters. All this creates new demand for living in that specific submarket and thereby creates a stronger appreciation story. This final element is what often provides the icing on the cake, and it will be what brings the investment greater appreciation than the national average over the long-term.

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