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Financial Stability With Atlas Real Estate Group

I continued my career in real estate, now as an investment real agent with Atlas Real Estate Group (Atlas). At this point, I was financially stable, but I did not have a surplus of extra income. This changed when I sat in on a presentation about building wealth with Mike Hills, who is now the VP of investment brokerage at Atlas.

In this presentation, Mike asked the Atlas brokers if anyone was interested in assisting him communicate investing information to potential clients. Mike is trained as a national speaker. I had experience with event planning in both residential and commercial real estate. I thought that I could make an investing class fun, and at the same time, give back to others.

The Real Estate Investment Hour (REIH) team circa 2018.

After forming Mike’s team, along with Adam Unger, I created real estate events on Meetup, made flyers and invited local residents to these events where Mike would speak. I found brokering real estate to be a wonderful way to have freedom and time in my life.  In other words, I could have a career while still being able to be a full-time single parent. I could show up for my kids. Along with Mike, I was able to speak to investors at the meetings about my own story.

As I grew our client base, our team was able to reach more and more people. Some of my commercial clients began to buy residential rentals. There are so many stories of the people we have helped, and lives that we have changed by setting families up with a stream of passive income. Mike and I brokered the investment deals together, and in 2018, we did over 30 million in gross transactions in one year.

The Bigger And Better Move

When my friends Jen and Aaron decided to move, our Green Valley house no longer felt like home. With some of the home equity from the house, I decided to buy a house in Littleton, a lovely area where my family could be close to the mountains and spend time outside. Still, I kept the Green Valley Ranch house as a rental and found myself the proud owner of not one, but three houses.

Just as things were looking up, Maya’s health faltered again. She is now 17, and her antibiotics stopped working, a side effect that her doctors warned me about after years of chronic infection. With a sinking feeling in my stomach once again, I remembered an article my mom had sent me years ago about a medicine made in far-off Tbilisi, Georgia, that works against antibiotic-resistant infection. It is called a phage, and it lives in nature and keeps the bacteria from overtaking the soil.

Maya and I in London for her Make-A-Wish trip.

It took time and an incredible amount of leg work, and then I was able to find a doctor in Oregon that had a clinical trial for the international medicine. It is really hard to wait for doctors to call you back when your child is dying. Without a flexible career in real estate, or the passive income from my rentals, it would not have been possible to take a month off to travel to get her the care she needed.

With the right treatment, Maya’s sinuses and lung infections began to abate. Two years later, the doctors now say that she has healthier lungs than a teenager without cystic fibrosis. She is my miracle child. Without the flexibility and financial stability of a career in real estate, Maya’s miracle would not have been possible. Maya will continue to get infections because of her disease, however, we are hopeful for the future.

Overcoming Adversity One Leap At A Time

Throughout this journey, I have learned that in life, you have to have faith in a different future and then you have to leap for it. Always live with intention. I chose to leave my ex to have a peaceful life. I chose to move to Denver to have the kind of support I needed in my life. I chose to learn how to be financially secure with the right team, and then I chose to move to Littleton. I sought out an alternative medicine intervention for my daughter and found one across the world that worked.

I do not believe I am a victim with no choices. I research like crazy, surround myself with the right team, and then I leap. I get really scared sometimes, yet I leap anyway. I move past my own resistance.

Jennifer Reinhardt Xanthia Denver Real Estate

A beautiful home in Denver that I had the pleasure of selling.

Today, I want use my hardship as a platform to help others. Knowing the way out of darkness, especially as a single mother, is a beautiful journey worth sharing. It’s important to remind myself, and others, to never let your circumstances dictate your future.

And I’m not done. Last year Mike and I flipped a house. I was able to use the money from that sale to buy a house in an even greater area for my children. I now own four houses. The best part is the other three houses pay for me to live in this one.

Here is the thing: The first two houses I made money on accidentally because of market growth. I didn’t even really set out to be a landlord. I learned the system on how to invest with intention from Atlas Real Estate Group and bought my third and fourth houses on purpose. Even though I have been hurt in the past, I go towards the future with faith and it allows me to move. Above all else, I get up and keep going. I continue to grow at Atlas, and I am now able to teach what I have learned from Atlas with others.

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