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What’s your background?

Though my hometown is in Colorado Springs, I began my professional career as an entrepreneur while living in Michigan. After several years, my partner and I sold the company and I moved back to Colorado and began working in real estate full time as an investor and broker.

Why did you choose to work with Atlas Real Estate Group?

Because Atlas is the best at what they do: building long term wealth through residential real estate. I wanted to learn from the best.

What is the greatest challenge you see in real estate and how do you work towards overcoming it?

The greatest challenge facing real estate investment is perception and patience. Explaining what happened in the Great Recession and ensuring sound fundamentals help resolve both fears. Patience takes time to learn, but the rewards are great!

What is at the top of your bucket list?  

To create a school.

What is the greatest advice you’ve ever received?  

Think, and grow rich (I know it’s the title to a book, but it’s a life changing statement too!)

What recreational activities do you enjoy?  

My wife and I enjoy trail running, mountain biking, and camping/backpacking.

Where is your favorite place in Colorado?  

Crested Butte



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