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Lisa Schoen

Lisa Schoen

Associate Broker, Investments


Lisa Schoen is the latest RE Rockstar to join the REIH team. Lisa has been a real estate developer and investor for many years, both in California and Colorado. She’s been with the Atlas family in various roles over the last five years. She’s bringing her passion for RE investing, serving the community and building long-term relationships to the REIH team at the perfect time. With Lisa’s help, REIH will reach more people who are looking to save for retirement where traditional methods fall short, create abundance and options in their lives and build long-term wealth through real estate. Her passion lies in helping people get started. Every journey begins with a single step!

Lisa’s journey has been quite adventurous. She’s a mom of two crazy boys which keeps her on her toes. She’s also played Division 1 soccer at the University of Denver, traveled the world competing in snowboarding, is an avid yogi and enjoys many adventures with her boys. She’s lived in 5 countries and loves coming back to the Colorado for the active lifestyle, arts, culture and access to nature. Lisa also loves serving her community through her church, serving on various non-profit Boards and sharing her passion and experiences through real estate.


What’s your background?

Business Development for Medical Sales, IT (5 years at Oracle) and now RE.

Why did you choose to work with Atlas Real Estate Group?

Ryan Boykin made me.

What is the greatest challenge you see in real estate and how do you work towards overcoming it?

Shifting focus from just a place to live to a place to build real, long-term wealth!

What is at the top of your bucket list?  

 Hm, I’ve done most of it. See every continent I guess. Raise awesome, kind and compassionate kids.

What is the greatest advice you’ve ever received?  

Old Chinese Proverb… ‘the best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago. You know the second best time, right now’. True for RE too!

What recreational activities do you enjoy?  

Skiing, snowboarding, Soccer, hiking 14ers with my kids, surfing, paddle boarding, skateboarding, yoga and running red rocks.  

Where is your favorite place in Colorado?  

My home.




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