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Rebecca Slaughter

Rebecca Slaughter

Regional Manager and Managing Broker


What’s your background?

BA in business/psychology.  Seasoned real estate broker, 20 years.  Have focused in property management since 1999, with extensive sales experience in residential and multi-family property.  My niche is property management.

Why did you choose to work with Atlas Real Estate Group?

I love the company culture.  Atlas reaches so many throughout an entire community, not only those with housing needs. Amazing core values with supportive leadership and a fantastic group of colleagues.

What is the greatest challenge you see in real estate and how do you work towards overcoming it?

Property management is a challenging career.  Meeting the needs of asset owners, tenants and the community while maintaining a high level of ethical and moral standards is what we strive for and is what we do best at Atlas.

What is at the top of your bucket list?

Raising healthy, happy, kind and independent children.  I can’t wait to see who they become!

What is the greatest advice you’ve ever received?

This too shall pass.  Someone said this to me once during a really tough time and I have applied it to both good and bad moments since.  We will never live the same moment twice, good or bad. Fully experience the moment.  We will succeed, we will fail. We will laugh and we will cry.  We live and love, and each moment is precious.

What recreational activities do you enjoy?

I love to play in our beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Camping, fishing, hiking, etc.

Where is your favorite place in Colorado?

Mountains. Anywhere my family happens to be!  We can almost always be found together.




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