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A brief overview of Atlas’ history.

  • 2008

    Fix n’ Flip

    Founded by young, passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurs with an eye for opportunity and the skill to actualize it, Atlas successfully completed over 500 fix n’ flips in a mere 1 ½ years.
  • 2009

    Buy & Hold

    Building on Atlas’s out-of-the-gate success, the partners launched their own portfolio, aggressively acquiring over $120 million worth of single-family, multifamily, industrial, office, and retail real estate properties.
  • 2012

    Institutional Buyers

    Recognized by institutional real estate funds as leaders in the Denver market, the Atlas management team began transacting on behalf of institutional funds, acquiring and managing over 1,500 homes and averaging an unprecedented 40-50 transactions per month for three years!
  • 2013


    Leveraging their market and transactional expertise, Atlas’s partners launched a full-service residential brokerage, assembling a team of 30 select brokers skilled in cultivating relationships with buyers and sellers to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • 2014

    Real Estate Investment Hour

    Conceived as a fun, engaging educational tool for first-time real estate investors to learn how to buy and rent investment properties, Real Estate Investment Hour took flight and helped over 50 investors in its inaugural year!
  • 2015

    Right to Purchase

    As Atlas grew, management recognized the need to offer another program designed to help potential buyers get into homes they desire with an option--and no obligation--to purchase the home later when they are ready; hence, "Rent with Right to Purchase" program was born!
  • Today

    Investment Experts

    Atlas is so much more than a real estate group; it is an investment company that empowers individuals to understand, plan, purchase, and build a better financial future that fits their aspirations.
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