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Atlas partners Jason Shepherd and Ryan Boykin continue to disrupt the Denver real estate market with the creation of VenUse, an AirBnb type short term rental portal for commercial real estate. The Denver Post highlights why VenUse was created and what they hope to accomplish:

“Commercial real estate is so broker-centeric. People just need a place to go to see what is available,” said Jason Shepherd, a co-founder of the new real estate portal.

Shepherd said the only limits are a building owner’s flexibility and renter’s creativity in using the space. Art galleries could host more business gatherings and food truck vendors could inhabit restaurant kitchens after the last diners leave.

There are warehouses that could help carry the holiday crush of inventory on their empty shelves. And corporate board rooms that could host small business gatherings. VenUse also has empty window spaces to host ad displays.

“We are recycling real estate,” Shepherd said.

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Pictured is the Atlas Real Estate attic space, home of Archipelago. Photo by Andy Cross/Denver Post.

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