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Atlas continues to expand and our new hires across Colorado and Arizona have been featured in Mile High CRE’s Movers and Shakers feature.

Atlas Real Estate, a full-service realty group specializing in real estate investments, brokerage and property management in Colorado and Arizona, has grown its property management division with new hires in Denver, Colorado Springs and Phoenix.

Atlas recently expanded its property management business to Arizona, merging with Valley of the Sun Real Estate & Property Management.

“Our property management services are powered by our experience as owners ourselves,” said Nick Mertens, VP of property management. “We’ve learned and earned our market authority from years of personally road-testing a strategy that enables us to produce results for ourselves, our residents and our clients.”

Colorado Springs is welcoming its newest property manager, Joe Crick, and Denver is welcoming three associate property managers, Diana Chavira, Taylor Wagner and Thomas Marry.

Atlas has surpassed 3,150 units under management in Colorado and Arizona. Nearly 100 percent of the firm’s units have been collected and occupied. A standard single-family residents’ lease has averaged five years with 82 percent of leases being renewed and an average of 10 turn time (days) between residents. Atlas has been rapidly expanding its property management team in order to match its growing demands.

“Our client-focused team is responsible for our significant growth,” said Ryan Boykin, co-founder and partner of Atlas Real Estate. ”Their commitment is fueled by a passion to serve residents with dignity and respect while serving clients with passive wealth-building solutions, and the sky’s the limit for this impressive team.”

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