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DENVERJan. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Atlas Real Estate, a full-service real estate company specializing in investment brokerage, property management and institutional acquisition, renews its support of the community and announces the opening of its new Denver headquarters.

At the close of 2019, Atlas offered rent-relief to families experiencing financial hardships, and in January paid their rent in full. Also, the company gave team members generous donations to give any charity of their choice, and the entire team supported Save Our Youth and participated in Joshua Station’s Toy Drive.

“As I reflect upon the year past, I am deeply grateful for the Atlas team and the community, clients and friends that have demonstrated interest in and support of our work,” says Tony Julianelle, CEO. “In 2019, we doubled our staff, tripled in size and increased our efforts to support the vibrant communities we love. In 2020, our rallying cry is ‘onward!'”

This year, Atlas will provide free real estate investment education at over 24 community events at various locations, including Atlas’ new headquarters at 970 Yuma St. Real estate investing has helped community members achieve financial independence, including a single mom who attended an Atlas event.

“Jen & Lisa really took care of me. They carved a path to financial freedom I never knew possible. They took my condo and turned it into eight doors with enough passive income so I don’t have to work full-time. This is huge for a single mom! I love the support I receive from the Atlas Women’s REIH team.” – Sasha, Single Mother of 3

“At Atlas, we know firsthand how real estate investment can change your life, and I feel lucky to be able to provide our community with the tools needed to positively impact their financial future,” says Michael Hills, VP of Investment Brokerage. “Event turnout continues to increase and it’s been wonderful getting to know and help new folks in the community.”

Atlas holds Real Estate Investment Hours (REIH) in Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, as well as in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The Forge, Atlas’ new headquarters at 970 Yuma Street in Denver, CO.

Atlas’ new office in Colorado Springs, located at 427 N. Weber Street.

The Atlas Investment Brokerage team, who will be providing 24+ free community real estate investment education events in 2020.

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