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As we move along the cusp of a new year and decade, we want to express our sincere gratitude for you. 2019 was a remarkable year of growth for Atlas and we’re grateful for the role you played in it, for
trusting us with your business. We are excited to continue to learn, grow and partner with you, to serve our residents with dignity and respect, and to contribute to strengthening the fabric of the community we love.
We’re deeply grateful for you and wish you prosperity in its many forms in the new year.


Hi everyone its Tony from Atlas Real Estate. I just wanted to send a quick message today to say thank you. It has been an amazing year 2019 for Atlas. We were able to grow into a new market in Phoenix, which we shared with you in our last post, and double the size of our team in Denver. We moved into three new offices, Phoenix, Denver, Colorado Springs, it’s just really been incredible for us and we’re grateful for the role that you play in that. That you trust us with your business, that we get to partner with you in making a difference in the community and serving the residents that we serve every day just really is fulfilling. So our hope for you in 2020 is that it will be a fulfilling year as well. We are excited to stay partnered with you, to continue to grow, to continue to learn, and to continue to present opportunities for us to give back to our community we’re grateful for you we’re grateful for all the blessings of 2019. Happy New Year.
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