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February 1, 2016
By Kappner Clark

Atlas has always felt a deep sense of commitment to giving back to the community in which we serve. Giving back is one of our core company values. It’s part of what makes Atlas, well, Atlas. We decided this year though, we want to make our commitment to community giving and volunteering more consistent.

With that in mind, we selected four team members to be our Volunteer Committee. The Volunteer Committee’s role is to identify a way each month for our team to give back, whether it’s with our time, money, or in-kind donations.

For the month of January, #AtlasGivesBack kicked off with a clothing drive for the Samaritan House, a local homeless shelter in downtown Denver. Together, we gathered over 500 personal care, clothing, hygiene, and household products to help needy families who cannot afford these everyday essentials that many of us take for granted.

Stay tuned for more #AtlasGivesBack updates throughout the year!


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