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April 7, 2016
By Kappner Clark

One of my favorite things about Atlas is our competitive spirit. It probably stems from the partners. Jason, Ryan, and Matt are three of the most competitive guys I know. Whether it’s playing mini-basketball on the mini-hoops in their offices on a Friday afternoon or trying to beat our own revenue goals for the year, competition is alive in everything they do. For March’s #AtlasGivesBack, the Volunteer Committee decided we should give these partners a run for their money.

With one in seven Coloradans worrying where they will find their next meal, and nearly half are children, we knew we wanted to have a March food drive for Food Bank of the Rockies to bolster their hunger relief efforts., When brainstorming how to get the most company participation, we decided that a competition between Employees vs. Partners would really rally the troops. (It also didn’t hurt our motivation that the employees’ prize for winning would be that one of the partners, who is a hair gel fanatic, would have to go without hair gel for a full week…). We hadn’t determined what the partners would get if they won, but in the end it didn’t matter because the employees came out on top.

Throughout the month, the piles of food from each side grew pretty steadily. But it really came down to the last day. Employees were hiding food in closets so the partners wouldn’t know how much we actually had. We were pretty nervous though that even the hidden food wouldn’t be enough to top the two trucks full of food the partners showed up with at the last minute.

Employees ended up winning by just 11 lbs…1,713 lbs to 1,702 lbs. Together, we donated 3,415 lbs. of non-perishable food items to Food Bank of the Rockies to distribute to needy families throughout the Rocky Mountain region. To all of us, that feels like the real win. But it also doesn’t hurt to be reminded of our win when Jason walks the halls of our office sans hair gel this week…let’s just say the Atlas employees as basking in glory-for-good this week!


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