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Seller’s Guide

Selling your home can be an intense process, which is why we keep it simple for our clients.

Why Choose Atlas?

Our entire process is built around fulfilling your needs and goals as a seller, renter, investor, owner with property management needs, or someone interested in renting with right to purchase.

The Selling Process

At Atlas, we know from our own experience of owning over 1,000 properties that selling your home can be an intense process, which is why we keep it simple for our clients. Our whole process is built around fulfilling your needs and goals as a seller.

Deciding to Sell Your Home

Congratulations on making the decision to sell your home!

Contact Your Atlas Broker

Let’s get together! We’ll discuss your reasons for moving, what the home-selling process looks like and the requirements of the sale. The sooner we meet, the better prepared we’ll be to assist in the sale of your home – we love setting expectations.

Marketing Analysis, Pricing and Strategy

We will work together to create an overarching strategy for the sale of your home. We’ll educate you on the current marketplace and listen to your specific situation to better understand your needs. Through our assessment of the market, we’ll make recommendations on pricing that will ensure a smooth and successful sale.

Prepare Your Home

Prepare your home for sale by cleaning, de-cluttering and paying special attention to curb appeal. Help your potential buyers see themselves in your home by removing personal mementos and photos, packing those away for your new home. We can provide recommendations as well as professional staging advice for your photo shoot and showings.

Marketing and Showing

Let’s show off your home! Since the majority of buyers spend time searching for their next home online, your home will be photographed and posted across the web and searchable on applicable MLS. We’ll get the word out through social media, flyers and promotion. As the calls come in, we’ll work together to schedule showings and will keep you informed every step of the way.

Receive Offer and Negotiate

Once we receive an offer (or multiple offers!), we’ll work to learn as much as possible about the prospective buyer so that we can negotiate with confidence. We’ll take into consideration your preferred timeline, other terms and the buyer’s financial strength.

Contract to Closing

During this time, there will typically be an inspection, an appraisal and a few contingencies that we’ll need to work through together. We’ll help you prepare for these events and others throughout this phase. Should any unforeseen items be brought to our attention, we’ll negotiate any requests for repairs. It’s time for you to start packing!

Closing Day and Beyond

It’s time to sign documents and make it official. We’ll help coordinate the closing and ensure that you’re completely prepared for your big day. Congratulations!

Why choose Atlas?

Atlas was established by principals who have purchased over 3,500 residential and commercial properties over the past eight and a half years and currently own more than $50 million worth of real estate. We were built on the belief that in order to understand and serve a client’s needs effectively, you first need to understand their perspective as an owner of real estate. There is an absence of alignment of goals in a typical client-broker relationship. We have been in your shoes thousands of times and understand there is nothing more frustrating than feeling like your broker is not looking out for your best interest. Most brokers work to close the transaction and earn a fee whereas at Atlas, we work to make sure we accomplish your financial and personal goals. Our owner-focused approach combined with extensive investment and management expertise gives our brokers the pedigree and experience necessary to understand the value of real estate beyond the transaction.


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