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January 31, 2018
Sara Russell

Members of the Atlas Real Estate Group team served 505 meals to hungry patrons of the Denver Rescue Mission‘s (DRM) Lawrence Shelter during last night’s dinner service, providing much needed sustenance for men effected by homelessness.

Atlas has worked with DRM before, and again is grateful to have had the opportunity to serve the community in a hands on and meaningful way. Whether we are filling water glasses, prepping food, serving food or cleaning up, it’s an honor to work together to provide for others who are experiencing challenges. Most of us have been through difficult times, times when we relied on others to help us get through, so it is important for us to ensure others have someone/somewhere to turn when they need help.

The Denver Rescue Mission holds a special place in the Denver community and the hearts of many of its residents, including the Atlas Real Estate Group team. It provides emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs and community outreach to people effected by homelessness, meeting people at their unique points of need. If you would like to get involved with them, please visit:


The Atlas team consisted of Matthew, Michelle, Sarah G., Dave, Sara R., Rebekah and Jodi and Kelly from First Integrity Title Company.

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