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August 28, 2018
Sara Russell

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Atlas broker and property manager, Mike Hills, was recently featured on Entrepreneur Podcast Network discussing how financial goals can be achieved through investment in real estate. Hills spoke with host Eric Dye and answered questions including:

  • What are some methods people have traditionally used to retire?
  • How can real estate be used for retirement and, in many cases, outperform the traditional methods.
  • What are the biggest mistakes investors make?  How can I avoid them?
  • Am I too old to get started?  What if I don’t have a lot of money, can I still get started?

“It’s planning the end first, which is what people typically don’t do in real estate. They sort of think that hey I’m going to buy a house because it’s a good idea, but they don’t plan the endgame. What we say is plan that endgame first, if it’s retirement, if it’s college, if it’s just income. Plan that endgame first, and work backwards to your goals. And, if you give a little effort to it, it works very very well.”

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