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The lunch hour, especially on a cold and windy day, is especially busy at the Denver Rescue Mission. With hundreds looking for a hearty meal in a warm and safe environment, the line forms early and isn’t closed off until about 15 minutes prior to the end of meal service. As a part of the #AtlasGivesBack initiative, our team joined the Lawrence Shelter staff and other volunteers to prep – chopping, slicing, and cutting veggies, bread and meat –  and then served it to those waiting. One of the main reasons we love serving at the mission is because we get to be involved in the whole process and take pride in providing nourishment to someone who otherwise might not get it. Over 3,000 meals are provided in a single day, with the majority of those being served at lunch time.

About the Denver Rescue Mission

The Denver Rescue Mission holds a special place in the Denver community and the hearts of many of its residents, including the Atlas Real Estate team. It provides emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs and community outreach to people effected by homelessness, meeting people at their unique points of need.


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The Atlas team consisted of Rebekah, Sarah G, Ruthie, Shelby, Roxanne, David, Bryan, Caitlin, Elijah and Sara R.

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