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August 20, 2018
Sara Russell

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Atlas co-founder and partner, Ryan Boykin discusses the next chapter for 3D printing, industrial real estate. In August’s edition of the Colorado Real Estate Journal, Boykin writes:

“Currently, real estate 3D printing is only utilized in a light test model, primarily for residential real estate. Pioneers like Branch Technology and Apis Cor are early adopters, employing 3D printing to build small concrete homes. But this technology is not limited to residential or small-scale projects. A case study in the United Arab Emirates is applying these advancements to commercial spaces, coining them the “Office of the Future.” The 3D printed test models are aesthetically unusual, as the concrete structures are plain and look untraditional compared to classic housing design. For this reason, real estate uses are limited in the short term until either consumer sentiment approves or 3D printing evolves from utilitarian usage to design-oriented construction.”

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