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May 24, 2018
Sara Russell

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Ryan Boykin and Mom Joan Boykin Atlas Real EstateAtlas Founder and Partner Ryan Boykin and his mother, Joan Boykin have been featured in Real Estate Express’ “Mother-Child Duos Proving a Family Business in Real Estate Works.” Just in time for Mother’s Day, the article highlighted the pros and cons of a parent/child working relationship and provided sound advice on how to ensure it is a success.

Pros of working together: “This is one category of my business that I don’t need to micromanage,” said Ryan Boykin. “The trust that comes from someone who is a family member and looking out for your best interest — they might have different decision-making outcomes but you know that the place the decision is coming from is pure and true.”

Joan Boykin shared similar feelings, “Working with each other gives us an ironclad assurance that I have his back at all times and he has my back at all times. It not only solidifies your working bond but your familial bond.”

Challenges: “I don’t approve of swearing,” said Joan Boykin about her son’s tendency to become passionate when he’s working hard on a project. “When I’m in operation mode and I’m in my place really needing to go out and execute and take care of things, I tend to be brief,” said Ryan Boykin.

While mom might not always like the way her son handles his passion, they’ve turned the challenge into an opportunity to provide two-way feedback. “I think when you’re the owner of a business, very few people are willing to give you feedback,” said Joan Boykin, “but I think that a parent can do it in a really constructive manner.”

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