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Atlas co-founder and partner, Ryan Boykin, was interviewed by the Denver Business Journal about life balance. Where most people would say you can’t have it all, Ryan disagrees, stating you can totally have it all!

One of Ryan Boykin’s mentors advised him early in life that time is limited for work, family and friends.

“He told me, ‘Pick two, because there’s no time for all three,’” said Atlas Real Estate Group co-founder Boykin, who methodically works to prove his mentor wrong.

“When we divide work and life, there’s a friction point there. It’s not a black-and-white situation,” Boykin said. “I’m for a more-wholesome symbiosis. My work and family life are integrated well into my social life. I work with some of my best friends from college.”

How do you prioritize all the demands of your life? At the fore of my prioritizing is what maintains the sanctity of our homelife and my relationship with my wife and child — because I get exponential returns on that. I can be Superman in the world because I come home to harmony and joy and peace and home life hitting on all cylinders.

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