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In his latest piece as contributing writer for Investopedia, Atlas Co-Founder and Owner Ryan Boykin discusses the reasons to invest in real estate versus stocks.

“Real estate investments offer an alternative to the stock market and under the right circumstances, they are lower risk, yield better returns and offer greater diversification. A decade ago, approximately two-thirds of American adults had money in the stock market but, due to the Great Recession, American’s sense of job security, financial confidence and their means to invest were threatened, taking a major toll on the willingness to invest…

Today, approximately 15% of Americans have invested in real estate outside of their primary residence. While more people own stocks or mutual funds, the reality is that 80% of stocks in the country are held by 10% of the population. Many advisors may find it useful to discuss the options of both the stock market and the real estate market with their clients who are ready to invest.”

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