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Atlas co-founder and partner, Ryan Boykin, highlights how single-family real estate presents a high-yield investment opportunity with returns that can substantially exceed equities in latest Colorado Real Estate Journal. 

While both real estate and stocks have proven worthy of building great wealth over time, I prefer real estate for many reasons.

As an investor, I can have greater control of my investments, leverage other’s money, collect rental income, get tax advantages, benefit from appreciation, analyze and quantify results more easily and take pride in the properties I own. Further, single-family real estate has a low financial barrier to entry and allows for multiple exit avenues, which can lead to large profit.

Did you know that many analysts predict single-family real estate will outperform the stock market this year? Experts anticipate slowing economic growth and recession fears to keep a lid on equities. Meanwhile, single-family real estate remains in high demand in strong and rapidly growing Western cities like Denver.

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