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BACK ON THE MARKET Low inventory, low interest rates and a pandemic: How the coronavirus has changed residential real estate in Denver

“With this low inventory and buyers having to do everything they can to get these houses and not lose them, we’re essentially raising the value of these homes that organically would’ve taken years to happen,” Carnesi said. “The challenge with that is going to be affordability. At some point, when do homes start becoming unaffordable […]

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Tony Julianelle Provides Leadership Insight in the Denver Business Journal

People seek work that has meaning and purpose beyond making a living. If they aren’t able to see how their work serves a greater good, they can lose focus and motivation. Try communicating the company’s purpose, how their contributions help achieve it and how it makes life better for others. Helping low performers make that connection inspires them to invest in the company’s success by engaging in their work. — Tony Julianelle, Atlas Real Estate

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Atlas Team Comments on Protecting Investments and Renters During Triage Mode

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a situation that no one could have predicted. As we approach the first of the month when rents come due, unemployment applications are skyrocketing as many businesses have been forced to close their doors and entire industries to grind to a near halt. Meanwhile, landlords must manage the concerns of their tenants while simultaneously ensuring they can cover their own mortgages.

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