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October 22, 2018
Sara Russell

See the full coverage at The Denver Channel

The launch of Atlas Real Estate Group’s new partnership with Zillow, Zillow Offers was featured on the Denver Channel 7, including comments from Atlas founders Ryan Boykin and Jason Shepherd.

“What Zillow is solving is the actual experience, the transaction process,” says Atlas co-owner Jason Shepherd.

“The convenience component is enormous,” said Ryan Boykin, also with Atlas Real Estate Group. “You’re not going to have to get your home cleaned every weekend. You’re not going to have to deal with a contract that fell through because an inspection didn’t go well or buyers didn’t have their financing together,” he added.

Boykin and his partner Shepherd say Denver is still a seller’s market, despite recent signs indicating a possible shift. They say this model of real estate transactions can work in any market, but here in Denver, it could help give both sellers and buyers more options.

“I actually think this adds liquidity into a marketplace that doesn’t have much right now,” Shepherd said.

See the full coverage at The Denver Channel

Original coverage from The Denver Channel 

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