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In a recent article from Teach A CEO, Atlas CEO Tony Julianelle, talks about how an abundance mindset can help you think like an executive.

One characteristic that contributes to a CEO’s success is an abundance mindset; in fact, it is essential to developing a healthy, vibrant and productive culture with team members empowered to do their best work. In contrast, a scarcity mindset leads to unhealthy behaviors, such as comparison and competition, and pits team members against each other—if you lose, then I win—the antithesis of a win-win culture. Leaders can develop and sustain a culture of abundance by celebrating successes, sharing vs. hoarding information, rewarding and supporting, fostering collaboration, choosing to see opportunity, and reminding the team there is more than enough. Innovation thrives in a culture of abundance, whereas scarcity thinking leads to transactional behaviors that make the organization dull and uninspired. While an abundance mindset can be learned, it is quite challenging for some yet relatively easy for others born with a natural tendency toward a positive, optimistic outlook. Nature and nurture aside, CEOs can cultivate an abundance mindset by developing a stronger sense of self-awareness and self-worth, which inevitably leads to a greater sense of confidence in one’s leadership abilities.

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