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Renters are worried a pandemic-caused eviction crisis is about to hit Colorado
A statewide ban on evictions has expired, and an order giving tenants more time to pay the rent is running out.

Tony Julianelle, whose Atlas Real Estate manages properties for landlords in Colorado and Arizona, advocated against eviction relief efforts at the Capitol. Atlas’s CEO said he was troubled by the length of the moratorium — which would have lasted until October — that legislators had proposed. He was also troubled at the idea of denying property owners the legal recourse of eviction when the terms of the lease, a legal contract, are broken.

“It is going to be important at some point to post notices and move residents out of properties that can’t pay,” he said. “The contract isn’t canceled. The rent is still due. And that accrual of debt can be very difficult for some people.”

Julianelle said tenants who can’t pay the rent can take such steps as moving in with a friend or back home with parents. Many of his clients are landlords with two units or fewer who depend on rent for income and to pay mortgages.

“These aren’t wealthy people positioning their assets,” he said.

Amid the coronavirus economic slowdown, some property owners have waived rent or worked out payment plans. Atlas hired an employee charged with helping tenants file for unemployment or find rent relief programs, Julianelle said. He portrayed evictions as a last resort.

“An eviction is a horrible reality,” he said. “No one wins in an eviction. The owner is not winning. The resident is not winning.”

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