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Tony Julianelle comments on customer relationship management (CRM) software with Inman. A good CRM can be essential for a strong sales and marketing pipeline, but more often than not the system can fall short.

“The biggest issue I see in the off-the-shelf options is that all of them have tradeoffs,” said Tony Julianelle, CEO of Atlas Real Estate. “While one may be really good at integration with a particular email system or a lead source, it will lack in another area.”

Julianelle said that Atlas prioritizes detailed reporting and finds that most systems lack robust features in that department. That forces them to build reporting outside the platform — a solution that is both time-consuming and costly.

“It’s also difficult to use a CRM effectively while on the move,” Julianelle continued. Finding a fully integrated or fully capable mobile application is essential. Unfortunately, too many mobile versions of the desktop CRM fall short.

Most importantly, for Julianelle, there needs to be a memorable, personal experience between the company and the customer. “The challenge for our company is using the best parts of a CRM to encourage actual human-to-human interaction between our salespeople and our customers,” Julianelle said. “We want to go above and beyond in providing not just outstanding service and results, but also providing a more meaningful relationship.”

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