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In his first piece as a part of the Denver Business Journal Leadership Trust, Atlas CEO Tony Julianelle discusses the importance of a values-driven culture. 

Many companies are struggling to create cultures that satisfy younger generations’ unique desire to do work that aligns with their values — work that has meaning and purpose beyond making a living. They want to work in a culture that supports their desire to make a positive social impact in their communities and the world.

Creating a company culture can take years, even decades, to establish. It evolves from a set of clear and unassailable core values developed by the leadership team, often with input from others, and subsequently adopted by everyone in the company.

Strong cultures do not happen without strong values, and neither can happen without authentic leaders rooted in conscious business practices — leaders who are willing to commit time and other valuable resources toward implementation. Such cultures are bound by rock-solid values, those inviolable core beliefs that the company holds dear.

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