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Atlas President Tony Julianelle and VP of Investment Brokerage, Mike Hills, discuss how young professionals can house hack to achieve financial freedom in ColoradoBiz Magazine. Denver has seen a resurgence of house hacking thanks in part to the hot real estate market and increasing cost of living.

Building Wealth is Liberating

With housing consuming 37% of the average American’s budget, millions of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck and are tied down to their jobs as a result. House hacking provides a way out of this tiresome, mentally and emotionally draining cycle. Cash-strapped young professionals can generate passive income, achieve long-term wealth and liberate themselves from constant money worries through low/no down payment real estate investment, AKA house hacking.

In Denver, house hacking is a growing trend, and not just because of the hot housing market. The cost of living forces many working professionals to live far from their workplaces, resulting in stressful, time-consuming commutes in Denver’s increasingly heavy traffic. Through house hacking, many of these workers can live close to their workplace in areas with good public transportation. Plus, there are many more options for entertainment, restaurants and outdoor activities that contribute to an enhanced quality of life and a lower cost of living.

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