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    Real Estate Investing in Denver

Real Estate Investing in Denver

Why choose Atlas?

We are Colorado natives who understand the real estate market and neighborhoods in Denver and the surroundings areas better than anyone. We grew up here and we’ve invested our own money here. In the past four years we have invested over $400 million in residential real estate in the Greater Denver Area, both as owners and as affiliate partners. That’s more than any other firm. With our deep experience comes the knowledge of where, when and how to invest in order to fulfill your personal goals for your real estate portfolio. Additionally, as owners of more than $50 million of real estate, we understand what it means to make a smart investment. We analyze the risk and assess your investment as if it were our own. Real advice from real owners, that’s what you can expect from Atlas Real Estate Group.

Investing Process

Step 1: Acquisition

– Our Acquisitions Specialists have a tremendous understanding of the Greater Denver real estate market, procuring on- and off-market deals as well as auction properties. We hold ourselves accountable and analyze each opportunity with the same customized three step evaluation process we personally use to ensure your investment fulfills your overall portfolio goals and strategy.

Step 2: Financing

– With our depth of experience also comes quality relationships in the industry. Atlas has partnered with various national organizations in order to ensure we can recommend the right financing program for you and your needs. Click here to learn more, or call us today: 303-242-8980.

Step 3: Rehab

– Because we manage our own portfolio of over 350 properties in addition to more than 400 third party properties, we are very accustomed to fulfilling rehabilitation needs. Our extensive list of Preferred Vendors is full of our favorite and most trustworthy partners, both in terms of customer service and satisfaction. Our Preferred Vendors work quickly and efficiently, and because Atlas refers so much business to them, we get preferred pricing. Our Preferred Vendors list is available to all Atlas clients, meaning you will have preferred pricing too.

Step 4: Resident Placement

– As investors ourselves, we understand the importance of finding and keeping the right residents in your properties. At Atlas, our intentions are aligned with yours. In the past seven years, we have successfully placed over 1,400 residents into our properties, with a vacancy rate of less than 10%. On average, residents choose to stay in an Atlas property for at least four years.

Step 5: Property Management

– Once Atlas has screened and successfully placed the right resident(s) in your investment property, we aim to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with both the investor and the resident. Our property management team makes sure your needs as an investor are taken care of while also ensuring the residents enjoy their new home. Click here to learn more about why landlords choose Atlas’ property management team.

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