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Atlas Named 2018 Top Company Real Estate by ColoradoBiz Magazine

August 30, 2018
Sara Russell

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Atlas Real Estate Group is honored to be named Top Company 2018: Real Estate by ColoradoBiz Magazine. The Top Company awards are determined by notable achievements, challenges surmounted, financial performance, and community engagement.

What the Awards Mean to Atlas

Receiving such prestigious recognition only emphasizes Atlas’ goal to cultivate community by providing safe and quality homes while introducing rental real estate as the foundation for long-term savings. The Atlas team’s unwavering commitment to creating a more vibrant, connected and equitable community manifests in its contributions to numerous nonprofits, boards and institutions as well in how it approaches the wellbeing of all Atlas constituents.

One of Atlas’ business goals is to double its number of employees over the next 5 years, thereby giving more qualified people in our communities the opportunity to work in a culture that is empowering, stimulating, passionate and uniquely Atlas. We take our responsibility to contribute to Colorado’s economy seriously and creating job opportunities for qualified candidates is one way of fulfilling that responsibility while addressing an economic need.

Atlas is taking the opportunity to address two serious problems that our state and country face. The first is the need for an adequate supply of safe and quality homes, a service we currently provide to our tenant-residents; in fact, this is a cornerstone of our business. Today we serve approximately 2,300 families residing in our homes in Denver and Colorado Springs, yet in the next 5 years, we intend to provide over 5,000 homes of good value for families in Colorado and potentially in other states.

The second major problem we plan to address is the dearth of long-term savings for retirement amongst Americans. Studies show that most Americans worry that their savings will fall short in retirement, a reasonable concern given that the average household spends more than $40,000 per year in retirement, the average person collects less than $17,000 in Social Security (Bureau of Labor Statistics), and Baby Boomers have approximately $100,000 for retirement. That’s a recipe for financial disaster that we can address through rental real estate—one of the best tools known to provide passive income for long-term financial security. To that end, Atlas is on a crusade to apply our deep knowledge and experience to help people buy investment real estate to the tune of dozens of properties/month over the next 5 years.

By harnessing the dedication and motivation of our team and maximizing our capacity for growth, we plan to fulfill our future goals and positively impact Colorado’s future at the same time.

About the Top Company Awards

For the past 31 years, ColoradoBiz Magazine has been recognizing the leaders of business in 14 industries through the Top Company Awards. Participants submit nominations, detailing their notable achievements, challenges surmounted, financial performance (to be shared only among judges), and community engagement.

As in years past, Deloitte — one of four presenting sponsors along with Moye White, Versatility and Colorado State Bank and Trust — then narrowed the nominees to three finalists in each category. From there, a judging panel made up of ColoradoBiz editorial staffers and business leaders dissected, discussed and sometimes argued the merits of each finalist, selecting the winners based on three aforementioned criteria: outstanding achievement, financial performance and community involvement.

Read the full article  | See the complete September/October Edition

In a video for the selection of ColoradoBiz Magazine’s 2018 Top Company Awards, Atlas Co-Founder Ryan Boykin discusses what moments have shaped Atlas Real Estate Group’s history.

Video courtesy of: Versatility Creative Group

Short compilation of photos and footage taken by Atlas team members who attended the ColoradoBiz Magazine Top Company awards gala August 29, 2018. While the quality is not great, the sentiment is pure gratitude. The Atlas team is honored to be named the Top Company, Real Estate.

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Mike Hills Discusses Helping People Achieve their Financial Goals through Property Management

August 28, 2018
Sara Russell

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Atlas broker and property manager, Mike Hills, was recently featured on Entrepreneur Podcast Network discussing how financial goals can be achieved through investment in real estate. Hills spoke with host Eric Dye and answered questions including:

  • What are some methods people have traditionally used to retire?
  • How can real estate be used for retirement and, in many cases, outperform the traditional methods.
  • What are the biggest mistakes investors make?  How can I avoid them?
  • Am I too old to get started?  What if I don’t have a lot of money, can I still get started?

“It’s planning the end first, which is what people typically don’t do in real estate. They sort of think that hey I’m going to buy a house because it’s a good idea, but they don’t plan the endgame. What we say is plan that endgame first, if it’s retirement, if it’s college, if it’s just income. Plan that endgame first, and work backwards to your goals. And, if you give a little effort to it, it works very very well.”

About Entrepreneur Podcast Network

If you are an entrepreneur, you will be pleased to know that EPN, the Entrepreneur Podcast Network is here to help you succeed & prosper in business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the advice, inspiration & information all in one location with the option to take it where ever you go when ever you want it? Whether you are a seasoned business professional or new to entrepreneurship, you will find EPN as a convenient asset & source in assisting you with building your business.

The EPN media platform contains several elements, combining the best of internet as well as mobile distribution. Their on-demand streaming channel currently reaches 104 countries worldwide each month with interviews by some of the most renowned success stories in business today. It is the E Podcast Network – streaming on demand 24.7!

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Atlas Named Best Property Management Company in Colorado for Second Year

May 3, 2018
Sara Russell

The tallies are in and Atlas Real Estate Group has been named Best of Colorado Property Management for the second consecutive year by ColoradoBiz Magazine. This recognition comes as part of the fourth annual Best of Colorado Business Choice Awards. Among 80+ categories, almost 20,000 readers voted for their favorite Colorado businesses, from best coffee shop to best place to mountain bike, best financial firm to best attraction.

For the fourth year in a row, voting was conducted by Data Joe over several months.

“Our remarkable growth over the past decade has been fueled by our committed, client-focused team,” said Partner/Co-Founder, Jason Shepherd. “I’m sincerely grateful to be surrounded by skilled and passionate professionals who make recognition like this possible.”

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See the complete Best of Colorado publication (note, Atlas is featured on page 30)

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